For all the many people who must have wondered at my rudeness in not responding to messages here’s a brief (well, brief-ish) attempt to excuse myself. My health hasn’t been too good. A checklist for those interested:
2006. Parkinson’s diagnosed.
2013. Heart attack, triple heart bypass and a wobble involving fluid in my chest.
2014. Obscure blood cancer, essential thrombocytemia, incurable but controllable.
2015. Bowel cancer. Surgery to hack out a chunk of gut and currently half-way through a course of chemo to deal with a couple of escapee nodules.
I do feel that this is all a little OTT. But it’s all containable or will be once the chemo’s finished. Still, my inability to follow through messages isn’t excused by this; it has simply had the effect of increasing my natural laziness. I’ll try to do better in future.